Vital Vocals Sample Packs Bundle

Vital Vocals Sample Packs Bundle

Vital Vocals is the collaboration of several top producers who have recorded and produced some of the biggest and most successful sample collections to date. The agenda is simple: Record world-class, stylistically perfect vocal acapellas through the finest analogue desks, high end microphones and top outboard fx to deliver only the best inspirational royalty free hooks, toplines and vocals for producers across the globe. Why look elsewhere when these vocals are Vital.

This collection contains 13 sample packs:

Vital Vocals – Deep House And Soulful Vocals 2
Vital Vocals – Diva Italiana Acapellas
Vital Vocals – Future Soul Acapellas 2
Vital Vocals – Future Soul Acapellas
Vital Vocals – Chillwave Vocals
Vital Vocals – Headline Vocal Hooks
Vital Vocals – Neo Operatic Vocals
Vital Vocals – Soul Funk Acapellas
Vital Vocals – Bigroom Dance Hooks
Vital Vocals – Soulful Disco Acapellas Vol. 1
Vital Vocals – Deep House Vocals
Vital Vocals – London Grime Bars
Vital Vocals – Soulful Gospel Vocals


Demo Preview:

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