VOX Solace: Soulful Vocal Flows WAV

VOX Solace: Soulful Vocal Flows WAV

VOX Solace: Soulful Vocal Flows WAV

Solace – Soulful Vocal Flows explores dynamic vocal performances, wide vibrato adlibs, hushed and whispered phrases, smooth harmony stacks, laid back deliveries, swaggy lyrics, sensual one shots, and sultry vocal tones.

In addition to a big selection of verses, choruses, and lead vocal hooks, this collection offers up resampled vocal loops, song-starters, vocal percussion, bonus melodic loops such as bass, keys, and guitar, as well as pitched and filtered vocal FX and chilled-out spoken words.

Processed with warmth and saturation for maximum vibe, this vocal pack is the perfect source of comfort and consolation during a challenging time in our existence. With its deeply connective sound, let these vocals be your solace, let them carry you in the tide of their soulful flow.


VOX is a boutique label providing tastemaker vocal talent and popular playlist moods. From Artist packs to genre orientated vocals, our label is dedicated to excellent quality vocal talent in Pop, House and EDM to Lofi, RnB, Hip-Hop and Chillout. Our samples are built with ease of use in mind, creating perfectly arranged, timed and key labelled vocal samples ready to drop into your productions ensuring a high variety of rich quality vocal recordings.



Demo Preview:

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