Amy Kirkpatrick Mystic Sample Pack WAV

Amy Kirkpatrick Mystic Sample Pack WAV

Black Octopus Sound Amy Kirkpatrick Mystic WAV

‘Amy Kirkpatrick – Mystic’ is a pack full of uplifting, inspiring, deep and meaningful messages that will take you on a journey through philosophical lyrics and beautiful tones. Platinum award winning songwriter Amy Kirkpatrick is proud to present ‘Mystic’ on Black Octopus Sound.

This pack is organized by key and its associated Chakra, helping you make music that carries very specific emotional qualities. Inside you will find ancient and contemporary Mantras, power phrases, a spoken word section, soothing vocal atmosphere effects, and studio produced Crystal Singing Bowl recordings to help establish inner peace. When you open the library you will see the user friendly organization that can help you get straight to the heart of the type of song you want to write. Whether it is heart felt, soulful, powerful, or peaceful.

This pack was inspired by sound healing culture and energy healing practices. It is designed to nurture your audience’s mind, heart, body, and soul. It is a fantastic companion for producers of Ambient/Downtempo, music for Yoga, Meditation music, and even high energy Dance music tracks. Enter the profound and inspiring world of ‘Mystic’.

** (Amy Kirkpatrick) requests that you not use her name in the branding of your music, track credits, title, or artist names.

** Drums and melodic content in demo are not included in the pack. This is a vocal and vocal effects pack only.

Pack details:

– 138 Adlibs (Dry & Wet)
– 35 Spoken Word
– 24 Kirtan Chants (Including Harmonies)
– 30 Vocal Atmospheres
– 21 Crystal Bowls (Solo & Multiple)

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Demo Preview: